Second / Third Mortgages

Need a loan with flexible lending criteria and negotiable terms?
Need it done fast? A 2nd or 3rd mortgage may be for you.

Get a 2nd or third mortgage to:

  • Utilize your own home value to streamline debt
  • Refinance while avoiding big charges from traditional banks
  • Very poor credit ratings? Issues showing your income? Not an issue
  • Pay back collections, tax arrears, leans and more
  • Financing High-End Equities
  • Restorations & Home Construction Projects



Streamline Debts

Home Value:$850,000
Current Mortgage:$300,000
Need: $312,000


  • Client received excessive charge card obligations with an approximate monthly interest rate in the amount of 19. 99%
  • Extreme obligations made it tricky to pay bills
  • The actual penalty regarding re-financing earlier had been assessed at around $7, 500
  • The individual had their own business and had issues proving their revenue
  • Burdened by the obligations, the individual was unable to cover the tax over time

The Fix:

  • A loan of $312, 000 as a second mortgage
  • Very feasible monthly installments at $818 a month
  • Paid all charge card obligations in full
  • Permitted the individual to restore their economic a foot-hold and get back in good standing.

Big Financial Fee Associated with Re-financing

Home Value: $600,000
Current Mortgage: $400,000
Need:  $50,000


  • Clients’ residence required a makeover
  • Their traditional bank was charging a penalty for premature refinancing at around 13, 000
  • The residence required renovation immediately but they still had 2 years outstanding on their existing mortgage. 

The Fix:

  • $50,000 loan as a second mortgage 
  • Monthly payment lower than $375 over a two year time span
  • Simply by maturing both house loans together, we were able to help the individual adjust the term’s and steer clear of charges

Credit history and Income problems

Home Value: $420,000
Current Mortgage: $280,000
Need: $35,000


  • Customers had a smaller family organization which they bought quite a while ago
  • A recent family emergency took these individuals to another country for many weeks leaving their debt unattended to and brought on a dispute with a phone service provider
  • When they got back they found themselves needing additional credit immediately to stabilize their financial situation.

The Fix

  • $27, 000 as a second mortgage
  • Monthly payments that were lower than $292 over a two year time span
  • The mortgage provided the organization with the required jumpstart it needed

Pay Tax Arrears

Home Value: $1,200,000
Current Mortgage:$300,000
Need: $400,000


  • After a very deep audit a customer was left with a very large amount of tax owing
  • The customer went to a financial institution, just to find out they generally refuse to help provide loans to help those with tax issues
  • The Canadian government positioned leans against the customer’s residence as well as started garnishing revenue despite the organization being an incorporated business
  • Trying to keep his business functioning smoothly while addressing the issues with the government regarding his taxes proved to be too much and his business operations started to become disorganized and suffer problems.

The Fix:

  • $451,000 second mortgage
  • One more loan of ten thousand dollars was loaned to repay legal fees & accounting
  • Installments were included at the beginning and rolled into the mortgage loan
  • Garnishments as well as leans were stopped immediately
  • The customer was then able to focus on restructuring the organization. He also regained the ability to qualify for credit again.

Purchasing a luxury Condo

Home Value: $1,070,000
Current Mortgage: $0
Need: $770,000


  • Client purchased a luxury property pre-construction, and needed to supply the $300, 000 as a first deposit
  • During the time it took to assemble the property, the customer went through a hard divorce that made a mess of his finances and tarnished his credit
  • Unstable condo markets make condos unattractive for large credit providers
  • The customer had already made too many commitments to abandon the deal

The Fix: 

  • A $790,000 mortgage (first mortgage) 
  • An open term with easy monthly installments
  • Client got to keep his initial deposit
  • Condo was sold at the top market price and the consumer didn’t have to pay the usual mortgage loan prepayment penalty


Home Value: $750,000/$832,000
Current Mortgage: $600,000
Need: $42,000


  • Experienced realtor suggested the customer sell their property in a luxury area
  • They customer would benefit from upgrading their home, as it was located in a mature neighbourhood.
  • They needed $45,000 for the rennovation

The Fix

  • $49,000 second mortgage
  • To lower the cost of sale the customer was given an open term plan
  • Realtor’s practical knowledge as well as the short-term mortgage loan aided the customer to earn far more on the sale of the residence.


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  • My wife and I would like to personally thank you for the great service you and your company has provided us with regards to our mortgage needs. We previously signed up with big bank insurance company for many, many years.

    Eugene and Ann L., Thornhill, Ontario
  • Thank you so much for helping me and my family. You did something no one else could - found me a rate that was optimal to my employment status. I never knew that comparing mortgage rates was this easy!

    Paul T., Richmond Hill, Ontario
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    Alex, Vaughan, Ontario
  • I just want to thank you for hooking me up with a comprehensive and affordable quote for my mortgage. You have made it very easy for me to make a decision and save thousands of dollars on low-rate mortgages.

    Linda K., Toronto, Ontario
  • I am so grateful to you guys. I just cannot thank you enough for the job you did on my mortgage. I am not sure how you did it but the interest rate you got me is even better than my bank offered me. Excellent job!

    Mrs. Svetlana K., North York, Ontario
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