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Benson offers funding for developing commercial properties including refinancing, re-positioning and purchasing. We can provide different kinds of financing to meet your specific requirements. Financing types include mezzanine, construction / development and bridge loans to more easily facilitate your contracts and agreements.

All kinds of funding assistance for developing your commercial property are available at Benson. Our wide range of service includes re-financing, re-positioning and purchasing. We offer different financing options to meet specific requirements of individuals. The types include mezzanine, construction loan financing and development financing and we also help individuals to bridge loans to conveniently facilitate their contracts and agreements.


Faster Approvals

Getting approved for a loan from any government institution like banks is always a bit difficult since stringent regulations are there which not the case with private lenders like Benson is. And because of this difficulty, it often becomes problematic to the individuals to get any deal through in time. We completely comprehend the importance of time and this is why we can assure faster approval of loans to a wide variety of people from different financial backgrounds. If you are struggling for getting approved by your lenders for long, this is the time to give us a call. We can assure you to speed up the process and provide you the deserved financial assistance with attractive terms. 


Affordable Deals

We understand that each deal is different with its own terms and every deal requires a certain amount of flexibility in clauses to achieve the optimum success of the association. We have been offering secured financial assistance to millions of people with fixed or floating rates which are extremely competitive in the private mortgage industry. We provide financial assistance of different kinds to offer our clients optimum advantage in their financial needs.


Attractive Clauses

We comprehend the fact that banks are normally reluctant to offer loans to any individual or companies for real estate purposes. This industry has been gone through drastic changes in the recent years, so, finalizing a real estate financing with banks has always been a less-attractive option to the investors and to the developers as well. While on the other hand, private lending market has grown during this period tremendously. This is the most preferred option for securing financial assistance in the present time. 


Our experienced and adept underwriters are capable enough to find you greater opportunities by using their expertise which is always better than government institutions operated under the institutional parameters.


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  • I was impressed at how quickly my pre-approval went through. The level of service and rate info was outstanding, much better than dealing with a bank directly.

    Alex, Vaughan, Ontario
  • My wife and I would like to personally thank you for the great service you and your company has provided us with regards to our mortgage needs. We previously signed up with big bank insurance company for many, many years.

    Eugene and Ann L., Thornhill, Ontario
  • I am so grateful to you guys. I just cannot thank you enough for the job you did on my mortgage. I am not sure how you did it but the interest rate you got me is even better than my bank offered me. Excellent job!

    Mrs. Svetlana K., North York, Ontario
  • I just want to thank you for hooking me up with a comprehensive and affordable quote for my mortgage. You have made it very easy for me to make a decision and save thousands of dollars on low-rate mortgages.

    Linda K., Toronto, Ontario
  • Thank you so much for helping me and my family. You did something no one else could - found me a rate that was optimal to my employment status. I never knew that comparing mortgage rates was this easy!

    Paul T., Richmond Hill, Ontario
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